How the Raffle Works

To help raise money for Teresa’s medical bills, treatments, and testings, some of your favorite authors have graciously donated raffle prizes, ranging from signed copies of their books to being named as a character in a future book.

All items will be raffled off with 100% of proceeds going toward treatment.

How the raffle works:

1) Scroll through items up for auction and find those you’d like to win.

2) Donate  through the Tales for Tatas GoFundMe page in increments of $5*, where each $5 increment equals one raffle ticket.

3) You may combine tickets for one prize, or spread them out for multiple prizes. For example: Donating $25 will yield 5 tickets. You may put all 5 tickets toward prize A, or put 2 tickets toward A, 2 toward B, and 1 toward C.

4) When donating, include a comment which references to which prize(s) the raffle ticket(s) should be applied. You can also email us at

5) A video drawing will be conducted and posted to our Facebook page on Sunday, 10/27. Winners will also be notified via email.

* Donating DOES NOT guarantee that you will win a prize. Odds of winning are dependent upon ultimate number of entrants.


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